Digital blending provides product consistency

Paul Boughton
Rockwell Automation has added digital blending to its growing suite of industry solutions. This solution manages the materials in a blending process and controls multiple variables to provide consistent product quality.

“Product consistency is fundamentally importance to manufacturers in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, as they strive to improve their brand equity,” said Mike Jamieson, global director, Consumer Packaged Goods Industry, Rockwell Automation. “This solution from Rockwell Automation allows manufacturers to address their challenges in achieving product consistency.”

Customer demand for product variety, variance in attributes and characteristics of raw materials, and manual production processes are some of these challenges. Digital Blending helps manufacturers address these challenges by making their production facilities more flexible and efficient.

The Rockwell Automation Digital Blending solution, which is delivered on the Logix Control Platform and the FactoryTalk integrated production and performance software suite, instantaneously controls the metering of ingredients based on volume or material characteristics. This approach helps manufacturers achieve product consistency more quickly with less process equipment, product rework and scrap. 

The solution uses Rockwell Automation standards and technologies allowing for quicker startup, consistency across multiple applications or locations, and common training and support. 

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