Drives combine precision and dynamics

Paul Boughton
The Jetmove 400, the latest drive family from Jetter, was designed for highly precise axis movements and also for very dynamic applications. These drives are used in particular when both precision and dynamics are required at the same time. Together with a fast Ethernet real-time bus they guarantee high-precision synchronisation of several axes.

Jetter says the Jetmove 400 runs with a controller cycle of 100kHz, which results in maximum path accuracy. External interference is compensated for directly and mechanical vibration is actively damped. Additional complex control algorithms to compensate for interference are no longer necessary. The result is a high level of precision and dynamics combined with a robust drive.

In order to enable controlling in the 100kHz range, the corresponding signals such as the current value or position value are processed with an even higher cycle. The signals are evaluated by a FPGA, which enables a degree of speed and accuracy that is claimed to be unknown in conventional servo drives. Axes limited by running noise become much smoother and can be controlled at a higher speed and stiffness.

Up to 32 axes can be coupled to the Ethernet real-time bus. With a synchronisation cycle of 10kHz and a maximum jitter of less than 100ns, axes involved in co-ordinated motion synchronise with one another extremely quickly and precisely.

Axes with a controller from the Jetmove 400 series are used, for example, in the following applications: machine tools, printing machines, pick-and-place robots, medical technology, laser machining, high-precision test and measuring instruments, and also in highly dynamic applications from the semiconductor sector, such as wire bonders or wafer handling machines.

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