Rotary stages offered in manual and motorised variants

21st February 2013

LG Motion is introducing a new range of manual and motorised rotary stages for precision positioning applications across laboratory, optical bench and industrial automation, with standard accuracy to 0.1 degrees and load capacities up to 500kg.

The LGR range consists of five models with nominal outside diameter from 82mm to 250mm and a clear aperture (to 110mm diameter on the largest model) to take care of electrical wiring, beamlines or mounted equipment such as optical components and slip ring assemblies.

Smaller LGR0300 and 0400 stages include fine handwheel-driven adjustment with a vernier scale for a positioning resolution to within 6arc-min and loads up to 5kg. A clamping device is available to lock the turntable. The low-profile aluminium design is supplied with a durable black anodised finish with a selection of base and tabletop M4 or M5 tapped holes.

The LGR1000, 2000 and 3000 series rotary tables are available in a choice of handwheel-driven and motorised versions with nominal outside diameters of 88mm, 132mm and 250mm and direct load capacities of 10kg, 50kg and 500kg. Each model includes a standard positioning accuracy to <0.1degrees and repeatability to <0.01degrees (LGR2000). Stepper motors or brushed/brushless servo motor drives with optional high-resolution encoders are available, along with an inductive datum sensor. The robust and durable design includes a high-specification main bearing and thrust race combined with a smooth 90:1 ratio precision worm and wheel assembly. Customisation options include directly mounted encoders, hard stops, work holding fixtures and other specialised components.

All stages are available with adapter plates for use in multi-axis set-ups with other rotary stages, or with LG Motion's comprehensive range of linear positioning stages. LG Motion supports the range with a broad selection of motion control and drive technologies.

The LGR range is featured in LG Motion's new Linear Dovetail Slides catalogue, available as a PDF download from the company's website.

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