Belt-driven slide is compact and economical

Paul Boughton
Techno Linear Motion Systems is launching the ZF1 Belt Drive Slide, a low-cost slide that can lower costs in factory automation applications. This lightweight model is driven by a 9mm wide HTD belt that can be ordered in travels ranging from 153mm through 2853mm. Suitable for use in tight spaces, the ZF1 Belt Drive Slide is 30mm wide with an accompanying carriage that is 72mm wide.

Joe Griffin, linear motion sales manager at Techno, comments: "The ZF1 Belt Drive Slide is our most economical option; customers will receive a slide that is compact, but powerful. The carriage rides on two precision ground steel shafts that are supported the entire length of travel to minimise deflection, while the HTD belt profile helps to eliminate backlash."

Techno's ZF1 Belt Drive Slides have a maximum speed of 1.5m/s and can be ordered with a 200W (2:1 ratio), 100W (2:1 ratio) servomotors, 50Ncm, 160Ncm (2:1 ratio) stepper motors, or a 2:1 ratio assembly with no motor. The belt drive pulley is 19.1mm in diameter and has a specific mass of 0.0225kg/m.

Additional information about the ZF1 Belt Drive Slide, including CAD drawings and motor specifications, is available online.

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