All-in-one bus node in a 32DIL housing

Paul Boughton
Unigate IC - Powerlink is an all-in-one bus node in a 32DIL housing which helps automation manufacturers minimise costs for interface development.

Handling all bus communication routines, Deutschmann’s ready-to-install Unigate IC supports the application microprocessor.

Measuring only 45 x 25 mm, the devices contain all necessary components, including a microcontroller, Flash, RAM, a bus controller and analog components such as optocouplers. This certified solution is suitable for stand-alone operation. It can also be connected via a UART interface to the terminal microprocessor.

A script in the Unigate IC converts the terminal equipment’s protocol. The script can be easily configured via the free-of-charge PC tool Protocol Developer which requires no prior knowledge. Thereby, the IC can be quickly adapted to specific applications.

Changes in the firmware of the terminal device are not necessary. A second serial interface of the Unigate IC  can be used as a debug interface to test the script or as a diagnosis output. In addition to the Unigate IC for Powerlink, Deutschmann provides IC interfaces for all standard Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet systems. Featuring standardized and functionally identical hardware and software interfaces irrespective of the supported protocol, Unigate ICs are suited for multiprotocol solutions.

Since the interfaces are standardised, automation manufacturers simply need to integrate an adapter board or directly fit the terminal board with a socket for the Unigate IC.

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