Space-saving mobile radio modem for industrial applications

Paul Boughton
In addition to a GSM device, Insys Microelectronics’ small series now also includes a modem which enables GPRS data transfer. Insys GPRS small allows users to connect and monitor remote applications via the packet-orientated data transfer service in locations where a landline connection does not exist or would be too costly.

GPRS is suited for data logging in remote measuring stations or in building services engineering. Its advantages include a constantly available connection, a high transfer rate of max. 85 kbps (for upload and download) and affordable volume-based rates for regular retrieval of machine data as well as large data volume transfers.

The DIN-rail mounted modems are only 23 mm wide, which allows for easy installation in control cabinets. They are operated with a 12-24 V dc supply voltage and support energy saving modes. The Insys GPRS small is equipped with a serial interface (RS232) and an antenna socket at its front side. A SIM card slot is located at the unit's underside. The dual band GSM device is suitable for use in all countries with 900 MHz or 1800 MHz networks, i.e. Europe, Asia, Australia and parts of South America. The GPRS modem can establish data connections via the internet, with GSM devices and with analog modems and ISDN adapters. Message sending via SMS can be triggered via AT commands or automatically via DTR signals. The housing measures 23 x 110 x 75 mm (W x L x H).

For more information, vist www.insys-tec