Maximising oil field pumping operation

Paul Boughton
Protect and care of the machine is a key issue, using the appropriate electric control and protection device to avoid mechanical stress and electrical problems. Motor temperature, rod and belts broken and safety, are some of the most important elements to take care of, and the pump power, control and protection device must be able to do it.

You need Information related to machine operation status and historical data, to anticipate the problem and take the actions to minimise the losses. The current evolution, torque, running time, pressure, temperature provide valuable information on status and help decide best action to take, leading to reduce production downtime and maintenance cost.

The optimisation is based on online data and the controller intelligence to adjust the pump working parameters like speed, time, torque, and others, to reach the best production performance.

Schneider Electric speed drives, soft and direct starters include specific functions for all pumping applications like, ENA system for onshore pumpjack, and torque limitations for PCP.

Schneider Electric is based inGrenoble, France.

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