NTC thermistors: versatile and durable

Paul Boughton
Electronic Sensors are critical components for industrial control applications. The operation of industrial processes depends on the interaction of sensors and actuators with electronic controllers. Electronic sensors are also important in modern domestic situations.

Of all the electronic sensor types, Temperature Sensors are the most prevalent in both industrial and domestic applications. Of all the Temperature Sensor types, NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient)  Thermistors are the most versatile and durable for the temperature range which extends from -20˚C to 500˚C.

This temperature range is of importance for many industrial applications, such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, plastics processing and energy distribution, and also for domestic applications such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, operation of domestic appliances and automotive and domestic power generation systems.

In this era of environmental awareness, accurate and reliable sensing of temperature in such applications is vital for the efficient use of resources and for compliance with energy directives.

NTC thermistor components offer many possibilities for the implementation of temperature sensing functions. They are the most versatile sensor types in terms of electrical and mechanical robustness, and can be deployed in customised configurations for temperature sensing in new and established applications in all sectors.

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