Real-time drinking water monitors

Paul Boughton
Intellitect Water (UK) has delivered the first real-time, in-pipe water quality monitors to customers in both the UK and overseas.

Up to 12 different measurands are available on each Intellisonde from sensors mounted inside a tiny sonde head that fits in the pipeline through a 1½ inch valve.

Parameters include a patented, robust, highly accurate solid-state chlorine sensor that can monitor continuously for up to six months without recalibration.

Intellitect's Chief Executive, Tony Halker, says: "The Intellisonde monitors have internal dataloggers which enable them to record water quality and flow data continuously. However, the addition of GPRS puts the product in a league of its own. Water companies can now access continuous data remotely which enables them to improve network modelling and to gain a better understanding of water quality at the point of delivery. Water companies will now be able to take a proactive approach, using data to continuously refine and improve operational efficiency, water quality and customer satisfaction."

Features of the technology include: solid state membrane-free sensor technology; tiny ‘plug-and-play’ sensors; no requirement for chemical reagents; robust and highly accurate; built in data logger; GPRS capability.

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