Condition monitoring technology for industrial control

Paul Boughton
Artesis, a supplier of intelligent predictive maintenance solutions, has launched the MCM System on a Card (SoC), a product for the OEM sector, bringing a highly efficient and easy to use tool suite that allows the fast and complete integration of Artesis’s advanced condition monitoring technology into a variety of industrial control and monitoring systems.

Artesis provides a range of intelligent condition monitoring units to detect any changes in the condition of electric motor-driven equipment as well as generators and alternators and provides automated fault diagnosis.

The Artesis intelligent monitor systems - Motor Condition Monitor (MCM) and Plant Condition Monitor (PCM) - both use an advanced technique known as model-based fault detection to allow fully automated setup and analysis. This allows the system to operate effectively with minimum user intervention, even when applied to equipment with varying speed and load conditions.

The new MCMSoC enables OEM companies to integrate this unparalleled and highly advanced technology into a range of devices and systems and adding the MCM capabilities to control or monitoring systems.

“The MCM predictive maintenance system is fast becoming an open, standards-based solution of choice for a wide range of applications in many industries,” said Andy Bates, director at Artesis. “Developing MCMSoC allows OEMs to embed a market-leading condition monitoring toolset that delivers much more than other systems on the market. The OEM sector is a significant market for us, and we can now enable companies to implement our technology in their products.”

Installation of MCMSoC is straightforward with only one connection necessary to the motor or generator supply cables and no requirement for any specialist sensors on the equipment itself. MCMSoC has the added benefit of being suitable for a wide range of applications and devices including motor protection relays, current and circuit analysers, test equipment, event recorders, contactors, inverters, soft starters, and condition monitoring systems.

MCMSoC provides the functionality of MCM in a single 40 pin PCB measuring 40mm X 50mm. It requires only six analog inputs representing three phase currents and voltages, and communicates using a high speed I/O port. A custom development package is also available to allow in-circuit emulation.

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