Analogue-style meter combined with precision of digital readout

Paul Boughton
RS is the first distributor to introduce Trumeter’s Advanced Panel Meter (APM) range. LCD technology has enabled many changes to the commonplace analogue panel meter, which is reflected in this new APM range.

The APM range also overcomes some of the traditional problems associated with the moving coil meters, such as poor low light visibility, perceived lack of accuracy and low tolerance to vibration.

 For the first time, the familiarity of the curved segmented display of the analogue-style meter is combined with the precision of a numerical digital readout.  This LCD technology creates an easy-to-read display with a wide range of backlit colour options to suit the environment and low level conditions. This LCD display, coupled with 3¾ digit readout mimics the visual indication of a moving coil meter, providing at-a-glance clarity and accuracy of the precise voltage or current value.

They also have a high vibration resistance, making them idea for portable equipment.  Other technical features include:

* DIN 72mm x 72mm format, ideal for retro-fit to replace moving coil meters
IP 65 front panel sealing.
* AC & DC versions available.
* Current measurement up to 40A.
* Voltage measurement, with auto-ranging, up to 440Vac or 300Vdc.
* Screw terminals for easy installation – with full insulation.
* Accuracy typically ± 2 per cent per cent.

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