Economical gas adsorption analyser

Paul Boughton
Precise measurements of surface area and porosity can be made with the BELSORP-Mini II gas and vapour adsorption analyser from BEL, which is now available in the UK from Merrow Scientific.

This compact, economically priced instrument is an invaluable tool for the characterisation of porous or finely divided materials such as powders, pigments, catalysts, activated carbons and zeolites.

Pore sizes from 0.35 to 200 nm in diameter can be measured, while very low specific surface areas down to 0.01 m2/g can be measured with high accuracy and without the use of krypton gas.

The fully automated volumetric sorption analyser is equipped with five highly accurate pressure sensors, and up to three independent samples can be measured simultaneously. This enables quicker results for quality control purposes, but provides the high resolution needed to meet most research requirements.

"Laboratories still need to carry out these analyses, even in the current economic climate, so the ability to analyse three samples independently at the same time using a relatively low priced instrument should be an attractive solution for many," said Merrow Scientific
managing director, Ben Proudlove.

The BELSORP-Mini II's powerful, user friendly software enables parameters to be set by novices and experts alike. It also includes a one-click system check function which shows instrument status and diagnostics.

The instrument's patented Advanced Free Space Measurement (AFSM(TM)) feature increases accuracy and repeatability still further bycompensating for dead volume in the sample tube.

The instrument is suitable for applications in sectors as diverse as chemical and petrochemical engineering, pharmaceuticals, paints and pigments, coatings, ceramics, building materials, food and textiles.

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