Easy way to connect strain gauges

Paul Boughton
Jetter's new JX3-DMS2 strainometer module is a new periphery module for connecting either directly to the Jetcontrol-3xx controllers or a JX3 bus head. The module has two differential short-circuit-proof inputs with the following properties: signal range of 1-400mV/V; 16-bit resolution plus oversampling; signal amplification of 0.5-1050; conversion time per two channels of 5-7ms; and a maximum current per channel of 100mA.

The measuring accuracy and speed can be programmed with software. Strain gauges can be connected to the two inputs. They work in accordance with the principle 'strain-resistance effect of electrical conductors.'

Typical applications include force measurement, strain measurement and pressure measurement, as well as the measurement of mechanical stress. In addition, the module features useful functions that make life easier for programmers, such as a slave pointer, user scaling, oscilloscope function, forcing and limit value monitoring.

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