High level respiratory and eye protection

Paul Boughton

Combining both respiratory and eye protection, the Draeger X-plore 5500 Full Face Mask is isuitable for use in hundreds of applications throughout industry. 

Featuring a bayonet fitting for fast, simple replacement of particulate as well as gas and vapour filters, it also benefits from a triple seal around the face and an excellent field of vision.

The two-point bayonet connector attaches both filters to the mask using the same half-turn technique. The swept back, low-profile position of the filters also ensures that the user’s field of vision is free from obstruction, even when several filters are used in combination.

Designed to provide even weight distribution with unrestricted movement, the 5-point head harness enables the mask to be fitted and removed quickly, without tangling hair. 

For maximum respiratory protection, the double-layer face seal incorporates a triple sealing action to ensure a leak-free, secure seal.  Offering a wide, clear field of vision without distortion, the large visor also provides a high level of chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance.

Meeting the requirements of EN136, the X-plore 5500 is universally sized to suit all face sizes and, as a result, can also simplify storage as well as spare parts requirements. 

Optional accessories include a spectacle kit complete with frame and holder, mask and carrying boxes, a lens cover, anti-fogging gel and cleaning cloths.

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