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21st February 2013

Victrex plc, a leading manufacturer of high performance materials, including VICTREX PEEK polymer and VICOTE Coatings has announced that APTIV films, made with VICTREX PEEK polymer, has been selected by AEE Technology, Asia’s leading provider of engineering, performance and functional films and tapes, as the substrate for its top coat printable labels for electronics, PCB and automotive industry.

The new top coat label developed with APTIV film substrates has expanded AEE’s product portfolio. Offering outstanding performance, including better chemical resistance against harsh cleansing agents, low moisture absorption and higher heat resistance up to 220ºC, making the top coat lable a good candidate for high frequency RFID applications and applications in critical and harsh environments.

The surface morphology and surface treatment capability of APTIV film substrates offers excellent bonding strength for AEE’s top coat labels, eliminating the possibility of delamination. Therefore, end users are able to enjoy premium printing quality with the highest resolution and clearest detail. The chemical resistance property ensures steady performance in high moisture or steam environments where polyimide (PI) films can be vulnerable.

Heat/high temperature resistance gives long term operating temperature capability up to 220ºC and a short-term operating temperature of up to 250ºC.

Therefore, AEE top coat labels’ adhesive performance is guaranteed as the labels will face little or no distortion in extreme temperatures. 

Based on VICTREX PEEK polymer, widely considered to be the highest performing melt-processable polymer available, APTIV film is an extremely versatile and high performing product that delivers a broad range of capabilities under a diverse range of conditions.

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