Low-profile design of handle reduces protrusion off enclosure door

Paul Boughton
Dirak’s new 3-310 Swinghandle FS Offset-Duo-3 offers all the benefits of swinghandles with the added benefit of saving valuable space inside the enclosures.

The stylised, low-profile design of this new swinghandle reduces protrusion off the enclosure door as well as on the inside panel of the door.

Features and benefits of the 3-310 Swinghandle FS Offset-Duo-3 include:

Reduced internal space requirements do not interfere with the restricted space inside enclosures.

Minimal space needed between door edge and gasket (30mm).

Multiple latching points (2, 3, or 4 point latching) provide secure latching required by the application.

Additional locking protection offered with use of the profile cylinder.

Satisfies IP65 requirements. Provides protection of the sensitive electronic equipment inside the enclosure against dust and water penetration.
The Offset-Duo-3 swinghandle offers secure latching and a stylised look with the same ergonomical handle for actuation as the standard line of DIRAK swinghandles.

For more information, visit www.dirak.co.uk

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