Faster handling of prepared production data

21st February 2013

The latest version of LPKF’s CircuitCAM software is claimed to offer 20 per cent higher productivity with no modification to the production systems.

“More than 15,000 operators use CircuitCAM. The positive feedback gave us additional motivation to raise productivity to even higher levels,“ says Bernd Hackmann, Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors of LPKF Laser & Electronics AG, expressing his satisfaction with the latest update.
CircuitCAM forms the interface between the designer’s layout program and the machines that turn the layouts into the real application.

LPKF supplies versions for PCB-Prototyping and for Stencil-Lasers. They are adapted to the different applications, but based on the same sophisticated platform.

The primary development goal was to reduce processing time. Software designers achieved this by adding new functions and installing a more intuitive user interface. Consistent colour coding simplifies the localisation of separate structures in complex layouts, and optimised import dialogue and separate job interfaces make it easier to process the layout data more efficiently.

The second important improvement is faster handling of the prepared production data. CircuitCAM 6.1 is based on optimised routing algorithms which promise up to 20 per cent faster production.
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