Secure microcontrollers for M2M modules

Paul Boughton
Atmel Corporation’s new AT90M family of secure microcontrollers are designed for machine-to-machine modules. By using GSM or UMTS networks, these modules provide wireless connectivity to a range of equipments that communicate without human intervention.

Based on the 8-/16-bit RISC core allowing single cycle instruction execution, the first device AT90M25672RU embeds 72 Kbytes of EEPROM data memory, 6 Kbytes of RAM and 256 Kbytes of ROM program memory providing high density and flexibility.

It shares the same common features of Atmel’s secureAVR family, thus offering an easy way of migration in terms of code binary compatibility, development tools and reference designs.

The AT90M family offers extended guarantees to withstand extreme environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity or vibrations. A tiny DFN-8 packaging solution has been developed to comply with physical integration requirements.

Atmel’s AT90M product family embedded in Machine-to-Machine modules is tailored to serve telemetry, tracking management, monitoring, home security and remote control applications.
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