Accessories for miniature linear guides

Paul Boughton
Schaeffler is extending its range of miniature, corrosion-resistant linear ball bearings and guideway systems with a range of new accessories, including steel end pieces and long-life lubrication units. All the accessories and options for two-row and four-row ball bearing guidance systems are covered in a new 48-page catalogue entitled 'Corrosion-resistant miniature linear ball bearing and guideway assemblies' (TPI 163).

Carriages on two-row miniature guides, for example, can now be supplied with the KWEM..-LZM long-term lubrication unit, which is fitted in the return hole of the saddle plate. This provides an increased lubricant reservoir for the reliable supply of lubricant in any mounting position and extended grease operating life.

Also new is a range of metal end pieces, KWEM..-MKS. These are made from corrosion-resistant steel and are able to withstand temperatures of up to +180 degrees C. Compared to polymer end pieces, the steel versions offer higher strength and higher dynamic characteristics, making them useful for linear guides that need to perform in extreme temperature, radiation or dynamic environments.

As well as providing technical data on the product range, the new catalogue also includes useful design and safety information, including load carrying capacities, basic rating life, static load safety factor, preload and accuracy.

Schaeffler's two-row and four-row miniature linear ball bearing and guideway assemblies are full-complement preloaded linear locating bearings for unlimited stroke lengths. Each unit comprises at least one carriage with a locating face and a guideway. These guidance systems support loads from all directions (apart from the direction of motion) and moments about all axes.

The two-row units have two rows of rolling elements in four-point contact with the raceways, while the KUME..-C has four rows of rolling elements in two-point contact with the raceways transmitting forces at a contact angle of 45 degrees. The guidance systems have moderate load-carrying capacity, moderate-to-high moment load-carrying capacity and are suitable for accelerations up to 50m/s2 and speeds of up to 180m/min. Saddle plates and guideways are made from corrosion-resistant steel.

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