Getting the most from biomass in combined heat and power plants

Paul Boughton

The high cost of energy in combination with concerns over the long term security of fuel supplies as resources decline, has significantly increased interest for the Process Industries with regard to the use of alternative fuels, in particular biomass.

ABB Engineering Services Energy and Environment team is working with leading blue chip companies to investigate the feasibility of utilising biomass in the form of wood fuels in Combined Heat & Power (CHP) plants.

This work was initiated not only to improve environmental performance, make real long term cost savings and reduce carbon footprint, but also to help industry meet the challenge of finding a fuel supply that can provide sustainable energy for the future.

ABB Engineering Services has utilised its expertise in industrial energy efficiency, environmental management and experience in biomass supply chain issues to develop a methodology for analysing the feasibility of generating energy using biomass.

The methodology and associated tools provide a pragmatic analysis of the technology options available, the economics of potential schemes and the supply chain constraints to provide an assessment of feasible solutions for addressing a facility's energy demands in a sustainable manner.

This analysis provides invaluable data to support a business in its strategic long term decisions regarding site energy sourcing and management.

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