Ultra low NOx burners in practice

Paul Boughton
In 2007 Maxon International engineered and manufactured a heating system for Boliden, a Swedish mining company. Boliden needed an ultra low NOx burner to heat the ventilation air, which is blown into the underground mining systems. The requirements on NOx levels where extremely stringent.

Maxon manufactured a system based on one Optima SLS burner and one M-Pakt burner. Both burners have their own pipe train complete with Maxon's own control and shut off valves. This system gave the customer a turnkey solution to his heating requirement.

At the end of 2007 a Maxon start-up engineer and the project engineer traveled to Sweden to start up this installation.

The Maxon system operating between 325kW and 6000 kW on propane, heated a huge amount - 600,000 m(3)/h - of extremely cold air (-27°C). The required temperature difference was very low, only about 30°C.

The SLS-burners achieved low emission levels of 0.05 ppm NO2 and 0.2 ppm NO. With a CO reading below 2 ppm, all the emission levels were below the limits set by Boliden.

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