Gallium arsenide high electron mobility transistor

Paul Boughton
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has developed a new GaAs HEMT (Gallium Arsenide High Electron Mobility Transistor) for the Ku band (12/14 GHz).

The new device, which is named the MGF4935AM, is designed for use as the first stage in low-noise amplifiers of DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellite) receivers and VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) systems.

A low noise amplifier’s (LNA) performance depends primarily on the noise characteristics and associated gain of the first stage device.

With an improved chip performance and an optimised package structure, the noise figure of the new device has been reduced by 0.05dB to 0.45dB compared to Mitsubishi Electric’s previous device, the MGF4934BM.

The footprint of the full-mold 4-pin industry standard package remains unchanged compared to its predecessor, meaning no PCB redesign is necessary, thereby shortening development times for satellite communication equipment manufacturers.

The MGF4935AM has an accociated gain of 12dB at a typical Ku frequency of 12GHz, a Drain-Source voltage of 2V with a bias drain current of 10mA.

The full-mold package HEMT is available at a lower price than other first stage HEMTs, thereby improving the cost/performance ratio in satellite communication equipment. The MGF4935AM is available now in full production quantities.