New interconnector material for solid oxide fuel cells

Paul Boughton
Sandvik Surface Technology is launching new interconnector materials for use in solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology, which combine excellent high temperature corrosion resistance with good surface conductivity.

The launch signifies Sandvik’s aim to become a leading supplier to the fuel cell industry with its range of tailor-made pre-coated stainless steels.
Pre-coated Sandvik Sanergy HT, is the result of extensive and focused research and development by the company to introduce the optimum steel grade combined with tailor-made surface coatings to minimise chromium evaporation and extend operational life. Sandvik Sanergy HT utilises normal industrial strip production routes and the coating is applied by Sandvik Surface Technology in a continuous process.
In the pre-coated form Sandvik Sanergy HT has good processing and forming characteristics. These features facilitate customer specific requirements in terms of accommodating bespoke products for solid oxide fuel cell applications. This can reduce the production process by offering fewer process steps and ease of handling. Because the material is gas tight it allows the use of thin plates within the fuel cell and is designed to closely mimic the expansion of ceramic materials used in SOFCs.
Unique to Sandvik Sanergy HT in the pre-coated form is its extremely low degradation rate in fuel cell applications as a result of the cobalt coating reducing the electrical resistance of the surface as well as minimizing chromium evaporation. Carefully controlled chemical composition of the steel strip, with the addition of molybdenum and niobium, improves the material’s high temperature strength and oxidation resistance.
The pre-coated Sandvik Sanergy HT utilises an environmentally friendly manufacturing process and the steel strip is fully recyclable.
For further information on the new generation of interconnector materials, Sandvik Sanergy HT, visit the website, or contact Sandvik. No matter what the future brings – Sandvik is prepared.
Sandvik Sanergy HT