Waterproof shot detection acoustic sensor assemblies

21st February 2013

Knowles Acoustics introduces waterproof shot detection acoustic sensor assemblies for use as a component to detect/receive ultrasonic sound waves in air.

The H & F Series (full Housing and Fixed plate versions) sensors utilize the latest membrane & conductive plastic technologies to provide a robust mechanical assembly able to meet the IP67, MIL-STD-461E and MIL-STD-810F mechanical and electronic criteria allowing the acoustic sensor to perform over a wide environmental range.  Sampling and full volume production is being offered now, with custom assembly options available.

Compared with conventional acoustic sensors that have a limited frequency band of detection and are susceptible to the harsh environmental conditions of the MIL requirements, the Knowles H & F Series sensor assemblies are suitable for capturing a wide acoustic frequency range applicable to a variety of ultrasonic and low frequency applications; ultrasonic shot detection, low frequency vibration and sound wave monitoring, engine fault detection. 

The sensor assemblies are designed for ruggedised panel and fixed mounted outdoor applications able to monitor and detect frequencies from 30Hz to 50kHz with minimal attenuation across the frequency range.

The H & F Series waterproof acoustic sensor assemblies can be used with multiple types of microphones and sensor elements allowing the same package design to be adaptable to utilise in most finished goods as well as industrial products.

H & F Series



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