Pressure gauge for ultra-pure gas applications

21st February 2013

Wika has extended its intelliGAUGE range (pressure gauge plus electrical output signal) by a pressure gauge for all applications in the ultra-high-purity sector.

The new model PGT23.063 UHP can be delivered with all standard ultra-high-purity gas connections such as VCR compatible fittings.

A high-quality, stainless steel, safety pattern pressure gauge is the basis of the new UHP model. The fully welded Bourdon tube measuring system first provides an on-site pressure display without the need for an external power supply, which means that the user will get a value in any case even in case of power failure.

The electronic angle encoder of the PGT23.063 UHP moreover transforms the measured value proportionally to the pressure and contact-less into an output signal of 4–20 mA. This allows the information to be displayed, for example, in a control centre.

Its multi-functionality makes the new UHP pressure gauge – as all intelliGAUGE instruments – reliable as well as economical. Examples of its application range include the semiconductor and flat panel industries, gas distribution systems, and units for medical gases.




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