Photovoltaics bring a ray of sunshine to the vineyards

Paul Boughton
Enerqos plc, a photovoltaic system and solar power plant construction company, has announced the commissioning of its installation at the Cisa Asinari dei Marchesi di Grésy vineyards in Barbaresco, located in the Piemonte region of north-western Italy.

The installation has already begun producing ‘clean” electricity, which the estate uses in the production of one of Italy’s most prestigious wines. The Cisa Asinari estates are made up of three holdings which have been in the Di Grésy family since 1797.

“For us, choosing to install a photovoltaic system was both a practical and a symbolic step”, said Marquess Alberto di Grésy, “thanks to this structure, we have brought our electricity costs right down. We have made a very good investment, and at the same time we are sending out a positive image to people who care about the future of the planet.”

The system has been designed to blend in perfectly with the local architecture and the surrounding landscape, as these pictures show. Particular attention has been paid to the visual impact of the installation, part of which is fitted over the estate’s car parking area, to ensure that it harmonizes with the adjoining facilities and environs.  This completely integrated installation has also received the largest financial grant ever provided by the Conto Energia (the fund which provides subsidies to promote clean energy in Italy) for a photovoltaic project.