Wireless foot switch system provides linear speed control

21st February 2013

Linemaster's infrared linear wireless foot switch system provides linear speed control for a wide variety of applications. This system can be integrated into new variable speed control applications or replace existing wired linear foot controls. Retro-fitting the wireless foot switch to existing equipment is easy and can be completed in less than two minutes. This innovative product is the future of foot controls because it eliminates lengthy and hard to maneuver cables while providing the user with the freedom that wireless offers.

Premium signal transmission makes the Linemaster wireless foot switch stand out from the competition. When the foot switch is activated invisible light waves will fill a room with 360 degrees of signal. At the heart of this product, Hall Effect technology drives consistent, reliable, and accurate speed control without mechanical wear. The encrypted wireless signal is secure, latency free, and non line-of-sight.

The transmitter is completely waterproof (rated to an IP68 standard), which allows the user to submerge the foot switch for cleaning. Taking the cable out of the equation not only makes cleaning easier it also makes it quicker.

The IR Linear Wireless system is offered in up to 5 functions providing a solution for most users. Three industry standard AA batteries give the user up to 200hours of usage at 50 per cent duty cycle.

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