Signal conditioner doubles as data logger

Paul Boughton
Designed for use with a wide range of transducers including LVDT, strain gauge and internal in-line types, the easy-to-use E725 signal conditioner and display unit from RDP Electronics is suitable for applications in manufacturing, process industries, and test and research.

Thanks to a built-in RS232 port and RDP freeware, the E725 can easily be configured as a data logger, with data stored on a PC.

The E725 incorporates signal conditioning for transducers, offers a clear five-digit display, with fast peak and trough detection and limit trips shown by indicator lights. Other options include relay outputs.

With a compact housing, the E725 can be used standalone or panel-mounted and is said to offer flexibility and high performance at a competitive price.

Further guidance and advice can be obtained from the RDP engineering support team; specification information is available via the website.

E725 signal conditioner

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