In-line safety screens offer higher burst pressures

Paul Boughton

Lee Products is introducing a range of high-pressure flange-mount etched safety screens with burst/collapse pressures that are on average more than double that of the existing stainless steel 304L type safety screens.

Thanks to their rugged construction from 17-7PH CRES material, these screens provide burst/collapse pressures (depending on the hole size) from 1250/100psid for the 656 flange-mount option up to 7000/4550psid for the 130 flange-mount option. In addition to taking advantage of higher strength material properties, the screens are designed to excel in open area by utilising a pleated screen bend feature that maximises their open area, or dirt holding capacity.

The screens, which are available in 28 standard versions, are said to offer outstanding versatility for applications such as aircraft hydraulic systems and engine fuel systems and are completely interchangeable with Lee's existing etched, flange-mount safety screens. They can be supplied in seven different flange sizes ranging from 0.130-0.656inch in diameter. In addition, standard screen hole sizes include 0.004, 0.006, 0.008 and 0.015inch, and nominal weights are from 0.05-3.1g.

Lee Products

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