Control system handles motion and logic

Paul Boughton

Motion Control Products is introducing a new multi-axis modular motion control system, the MC4U, for motion control applications requiring high performance, flexible drive configuration, PLC motion and logic control.

Assembled from standard components, the MC4U motion control system is a panel- or rack-mounted system that addresses all multi-axis motion control needs, resulting in shorter development cycle time, reduced risk and lower costs. Combining Spiiplus motion controllers, servo drives and power supplies in one unit, this high-performance control system provides the flexibility of up to eight integral servo drives, additional I/O and 64 distributed axes via Canopen to provide complete control of machine automation functions (motion, logic, power and data). Its software package is optimised for motion control applications providing tools for easy setup, tuning, programming and application simulation.

Developed for production, test and inspection equipment involving flat panel displays, semiconductors, electronic assembly, general automation or medical applications, the MC4U motion control system is said to be the first tailor-made system that addresses the customised motion and machine control needs of OEMs.



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