Trouble-free and reliable pumping of resin

21st February 2013

Over the years resin has been used for many new purposes. To comply with these challenging taskspump producers have to find the right materials and ways to pump resin with different characteristics.

Some resins have to be heated to be pumpedothers are heat- or/and shear- sensitive. Some react to air and very many have to have a curing agent added. Rotan internal gear pumps meet the requirementsand have been used in many yearsin different industries with great success.

The pumps can be delivered in cast iron or stainless steelwith or without heating jackets and bearings in many different materials. The pumps can also be delivered magnetically driven or with mechanical seal/seals or even with the traditional soft packing. If the job is to pump UP (Unsaturated Polyester) resinwhich is both shear- and heat-sensitiveyou need a slow running and stainless steel pump with a shaft seal that neither heats nor shears the UP resin.

Choosing the right pump-seal configurationand speedare crucial ensuring a reliablecost effective and durable service when pumping resin.

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