Digital LVDT offers superior precision

Paul Boughton

Magnet Schultz is launching an innovative digital LVDT (linear variable differential transformer) stroke transducer for position control systems.

Designed to provide reliable, fit-and-forget position sensing with high resolution, good linearity and long service life, the new digital linear stroke transducer will be especially welcomed in servo hydraulic applications.

Designed with 21st century applications in mind, Magnet Schultz has developed the new linear system by using a microcontroller to combine the advantages of digital and analogue evaluation. The new transducer not only matches existing analogue systems without adaptation but is also said to provide superior precision in relation to linearity deviation and temperature drift.

In addition to providing a high-resolution analogue output signal, the transducer process identifies and then changes the measurable variant, which is then processed and adjusted to the same speed as an analogue sensor to within a limited frequency of 500Hz.

The versatility of the digital LVDT stroke transducer means that Magnet Schultz can adapt the system to meet customers' specific requirements changing the voltage, current outputs and digital interface as required.

The linear system can be either flanged to a solenoid or any other object to be measured. The core, which can be moved within the coils, has to be connected to the object to be measured via the threaded pin. In this way, customers obtain a complete hi-tech system to evaluate voltage and provide a highly defined output signal.



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