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21st February 2013

Optimal Solutions Software, the developer of the Sculptor CAE real-time design deformation software package, is releasing Sculptorplus.

This will incorporate the product's existing features, as well as several new attributes, and give customers the option to include T-Spline and/or Grid Clip modules.

Mark Landon, Optimal Solutions Software's president, comments: "With the introduction of Sculptorplus, our customers will now not only be able to more easily create and manipulate arbitrary shape deformation (ASD) volumes, but extremely complex deformations will now become seamless. Improving on a technology to save our clients precious time and money is one of our main goals - we think we have definitely achieved that goal with the release of Sculptorplus."

Sculptorplus includes the following functions: copy and translate an arbitrary shape deformation (ASD) volume; add and delete planes to a volume by a mouse click; shrink-wrap a volume around a grid; incorporate overlapping volumes; perform the parallelisation of the freezing task; improved graphical user interface; incorporate user-defined co-ordinate systems; introduce T-spline volumes, which permit the insertion of single control points; ability to clip out a portion of a Fluent case file, deform it and paste it back into the original file.

Ernie Perry, vice president of technology development, adds: "Optimal Solutions' client base has (eagerly) asked for more capabilities, and the Optimal Solutions Technology Development team is responding by working day and night to incorporate 'additional' features to the Sculptorplus product being introduced today. We think the powerful functionality that will result from these added capabilities will only continue to help our customers achieve their on-time/on-budget goals."




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