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21st February 2013

Mercury Computer Systems is releasing Avizo, a new software product line that provides high-end 3D image and simulation data visualisation and analysis capabilities within an intuitive workflow and easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Avizo offers a comprehensive, versatile, scalable application framework that is said to address all aspects of 3D scientific and industrial data visualisation, processing, analysis, and presentation.

Based on Open Inventor by Mercury, Avizo delivers high-quality and high-performance 3D graphics capabilities, including flow data, scalar, vector and tensor visualisation, as well as state-of-the-art image segmentation, 3D reconstruction and quantification tools.

Avizo is a versatile tool, suitable for managing multiphysics data, and its open architecture enables users to create new custom components such as specific file readers and writers, computation modules, and even new visualisation modules.

Initially marketed under the Amira brand, and widely used in the Life Sciences and biomedical research markets, the Avizo product line delivers powerful visualisation and analysis capabilities for applications in all visual simulation fields, including computer-aided engineering, materials science, geosciences, and general scientific and industrial activities.

Jean-Bernard Cazeaux, vice president of the Visualisation Sciences Group at Mercury Computer Systems, comments: “3D visualisation has revolutionised the understanding and simulation of scientific phenomena, both for research and industrial activities. Leveraging our 20 years of expertise in advanced 3D graphics technology and user interfaces, the Avizo product line delivers advanced visualisation and data analysis software tools to address today's challenges of design and quality processes in all fields of engineering.”

Avizo 5 has already been adopted by numerous scientists and engineers, and will be presented during the upcoming Aerospace Testing, Design and Manufacturing Expo, in Munich, Germany, as well as during the annual SAE World Congress in Detroit, USA.

Priced from EUR3200 ($5000), Avizo 5 is now available for Linux and Windows, 32- and 64-bit environments; support for additional platforms is planned. Packaged in configurable Editions and Extensions, the Avizo product line provides a comprehensive application framework that fits diverse fields of research.

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