Clip-in blanking panels cut installation time

21st February 2013

Schroff has launched a range of plastic clip-in blanking panels that provide a quick and easy way to prevent hot air from recirculating through the gaps between equipment mounted in a 19in cabinet.

Particularly suitable for use in computer server applications, the new clip-in panels eliminate the need for screw-in blanking plates and simply snap into place without any tools.

They can also be easily removed and repositioned if the system configuration has to be altered at a later date.

The clip-in panels are made from composite material and are available in a choice of black or RAL 7035 grey. Compatible with any IEC 60297-2 compliant 19in cabinet, they come in 1U and 2U sizes and can be used with tapped or square-hole frames.

As well as ensuring proper air flow through the cabinet, these handy time-saving products give the finished system a tidy and professional-looking appearance.




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