Controller is claimed to be 'industry first'

21st February 2013

National Instruments is launching what it claims is the industry's first VXI-MXI-Express controller using cabled PCI Express technology to deliver a high-bandwidth, low-latency VXI interface.

Cabled PCI Express greatly reduces the size of the VXI-MXI-Express cable compared to the larger VXI-MXI-2 cables, while maintaining similar or improved performance.

With the NI VXI-8360T MXI-Express remote controller, test engineers can use general-purpose desktop and laptop computers to control VXI chassis across a thin, flexible cable that extends up to 7m.

Using NI VXI remote controllers, engineers can upgrade their computers or laptops at any time to take advantage of the latest computer processing technology while using the same high-speed VXIbus interface.

The VXI-8360T VXI-MXI-Express controller features up to 29MB/s of sustained throughput for fast remote control and performance comparable to the existing VXI-MXI-2 interface. Because the software is compatible with other NI remote controllers, engineers can upgrade to the VXI-MXI-Express controller with minimal or no change to existing software. Engineers can also use the VXI-8360T to connect the trigger and clock lines between chassis in a multi-chassis system configuration, giving them the same triggering and synchronisation functionality as VXI-MXI-2.

NI's VXI-8360T controller adds to the wide range of VXI remote and embedded controllers available from NI, giving test engineers the freedom to choose the VXI controller option that best fits their application needs.

The VXI-MXI-Express controller works with a variety of software including NI Labview, Labwindows/CVI and Measurement Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio. Cabled PCI Express is an industry standard used in other products, such as connectivity to external RAID arrays and remote control of PXI systems.

VXI-MXI-Express controller



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