Universal hook features ensitive control handle

Paul Boughton

Ingersoll Rand has developed a universal hook, featuring a sensitive control handle, for its Intelift pneumatic balancers.

The hook has the special advantage of being fully ‘plug and play’. Users can install it in just a few minutes, whatever the type of load or the gripping tool used. The universal hook is especially well suited for all repetitive tasks involving handling of loads of up to 230 kg in industrial environments.

By integrating the control handle in the hook holding the gripping tool or the load, the Ingersoll Rand design teams have developed a plug-and-play system that suits all types of handling tasks, whatever the tools used. It is no longer necessary to integrate the strain gauge in each gripping tool.

All that has to be done is to install the gauge in its housing on the universal hook and connect the system up. The operator then uses a single sensitive control handle to deal with loads and set the Intelift balancer operating mode.

The sturdy design of the universal hook makes it just right for industrial applications. All the connections are impact resistant to eliminate risks of pulling the connectors out or damaging them. The strain gauge is also fully protected.

With the sensitive control handle, operators can then move and position loads with minimum amounts of effort and in full safety, at rates that ensure optimum productivity levels.

The universal hook operates with Intelift pneumatic balancers, of which several thousand are in service worldwide. Intelift is the only assisted handling system in the world that combines a pneumatic balancer with an electronic control handle.

It features many functions that improve workstation ergonomics, such as the floating system that keeps the load at a constant level during translation, automatic detection when the load reaches the floor, preventing gripper opening until the load has actually been placed on the floor, or the control system ensuring that the load has been gripped correctly before allowing it to be lifted.

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