200 more projects started in 2014 will inspire industry confidence

Paul Boughton

The Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) this morning highly welcomes the light shone by the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer on the commencement in 2014/15 of over 200 infrastructure projects, worth a total of £36bn.

Dr Nelson Ogunshakin OBE, industry chair of the National Infrastructure Plan Strategic Engagement Forum (NIPSEF) and chief executive of ACE said: “This fantastic emphasis is testament to the positive collaborative approach government and industries involved in the delivery of infrastructure, such as construction, have engaged in through NIPSEF over the past two years to ensure projects listed in the National Infrastructure Plan come to fruition. A programme of the scale of the NIP needs constant dialogue to ensure obstacles are highlighted and overcome quickly. This demonstrates the value of a body like NIPSEF, the fruits of which we are starting to see, as highlighted by the Prime Minister and Chancellor today.

“This full-throated support from the government, backed up by £36bn of investment made up of £21bn in private investment, £5bn in public money, and £10bn in public-private cash, as well as a £38bn five-year investment plan for rail, will further inspire the confidence of the industry.

“NIPSEF has been arguing for some time that government should be putting forward a more overtly positive message on infrastructure and its benefits to the UK, and that is what we are seeing here. The forward view of the project pipeline and the creation of 150,000 construction jobs through these projects, for instance, will see investment in infrastructure increase, workforces expanded and up-skilled, and prosperity increased. The challenge now is to continue this engagement to further refine the NIP, and ensure the document remains the guide and prospectus the industry needs to deliver the infrastructure the UK needs to succeed in the 21st century.”