Pneumatic cylinder for food industry

Paul Boughton

The ICS is the latest round pneumatic cylinder from Bosch Rexroth and is suited to use in wash-down applications, meeting all levels of corrosion resistance in wash-down areas and with a hygienic design featuring smooth, cavity-free, easy-cleaning surfaces.

It is lubricated with NSF H1 food-safe lubricant and is also claimed to be cost-effective, easy to install and simple to maintain.

In the food and packaging industry, hygiene and economy are decisive factors when it comes to choosing components. With a product range specifically geared to these requirements, Rexroth offers well co-ordinated pneumatic components that fulfil the high demands of this industry. An essential part of this programme is this ICS (ISO Clean Stainless) cylinder, which offers corrosion protection in a hygienic design.

The ICS cylinder, with bores of 32-100mm and a maximum stroke length of 1500mm, is especially suited to food and packaging applications. Thanks to interlocking seals and cushioning screws, dirt pockets are eliminated and the cylinder is easy to clean.

In addition, the stainless steel cylinder offers sufficient corrosion protection to enable its application from the production process right up to food packaging. The ICS is available in two basic versions: the ICS-D2, made of AISA grade 304 stainless steel, offers standard corrosion protection; the ICS-D1, made of AISA 316 stainless steel, is acid-resistant and recommended for applications where food may come into direct contact with the components.

The ICS cylinder is available with a variety of mounting options, as a double-acting cylinder or with extended or through piston rod.

This cylinder product range complements others developed especially for the food and packaging industry and for the highly demanding clean-in-place and wash-down areas. The CL03 Clean Line valve with sealing to IP69K, for example, provides both high flexibility and modularity.

ICS cylinder

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