Removable film protects screen surfaces

21st February 2013

3M is introducing a removable film that helps to protect LCD displays from scuffs, scratches and fingerprint damage.

The ultra-thin Vikuiti ARMR200 film provides high-quality protection of delicate LCDs as used in mobile telephones, in-car navigation systems, handheld computers, PDAs, automatic identification and data capture devices (AIDC), games consoles and other portable devices.

Xavier Lecocq, market development manager at 3M's Optical Systems Division, comments: “Repairing damaged LCD displays is inconvenient and expensive in terms of repairs and warranty costs. The versatile, durable construction of our ARMR200 film means that users - whether they are engineers, stock takers, salesmen, students, business travellers or gamers - can enhance and prolong the lifespan of their devices easily and cost-effectively. The equipment stays in service during replacement of the film and no technician call-out charges are incurred.”

Vikuiti ARMR200 film has an ultra-thin, multilayered construction with an anti-soiling top layer to help protect LCDs from scratching and fingerprint damage. It also repels ink, even permanent markers, is resistant to most solvents - including window cleaner, cola and coffee - and can withstand temperatures between -35 to +85 degrees C.

An additional anti-reflective coating significantly improves optical clarity, minimises glare and increases readability. Displays that require a stylus benefit from the matte hardcoat that helps ensure touch-display sensitivity is not affected, while creating a natural, non-slip surface for writing.

The non-tacky adhesive coating of the Vikuiti ARMR200 film can be applied to flat surfaces with a squeegee without trapping bubbles and ensures that no residue is left on the display after removal. Replacement is recommended every three to six months, depending on the amount of usage.

Vikuiti ARMR200 film is available in a variety of sheet sizes in packs of 3 or 5 through 3M's distribution channels.

Vikuiti ARMR200




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