Connectors take power and signals

21st February 2013

Harting is adding a number of new contact configurations to its D-Sub Combo family of mixed-contact sub-miniature PCB and cable connectors.

The D-Sub Combo range combines standard D-Sub shells with a mixture of signal, coaxial, power or high-voltage contacts to provide custom connectors for a wide range of applications. The product is fully shielded to minimise EMI/RFI leakage.

Two of the new connector arrangements allow male and female contacts to be mixed in the same shell to provide a 100 per cent mating-proof feature, with the insulator shape preventing 180-degree reversed mating.

All contacts are machined with two different types of plating, and first-mate/last-break contacts can be supplied for applications where 'hot plug-in' is required. Where connectors are to be fitted on a board alongside surface-mount components, they can be supplied in a version that is compatible with the PiHIR reflow solder assembly process.

PCB connectors are delivered fully loaded, resulting in very accurate positioning of the contacts in their cavities and facilitating easy and safe insertion of the pins into the PCB holes - something that is particularly crucial in right-angled versions.

A complete range of accessories is available, including a clinch nut, spacers, board locks and female screw locks, as well as a blind mate feature.

D-Sub Combo




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