Hybrid connector with small footprint

21st February 2013

Virginia Panel Corporation has released a versatile, hybrid connector called iCon. It is a new InterConnect method that is economical, versatile, small and suitable for secondary connector applications as well as standard InterConnect applications.
The iCon provides a wide range of I/O in a small footprint and strong, durable construction to last countless test cycles.
iCon is also equipped with an innovative half turn quick-cam engagement mechanism. This enables secure and smooth mating of the receiver and ITA counterparts. There is also a wide range of I/O options available for the two module positions in the iCon including mini power/coax and signal hybrid, signal only, and mini power/coax only. The iCon also has accessories available to add to the product benefits.
A strain relief mechanism can be mounted to the back of the receiver for cable management, in addition to a keying pin kit that allows discernment between multiple ITAs.
iCon is suitable for most test applications, and is a simple and economical solution for the dynamic industry.
Sleek and rugged design set this connector apart and can meet the needs of virtually any test and measurement interconnect requirement. u

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Virginia Panel Corporation is based inWaynesboro, VA. USA.




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