Basic electrical safety competence: do you meet the standard to ensure the protection of your workers

21st February 2013

Within the power sectorensuring the health and safety of workers has always been of great importance.

Nowin order to ensure that all contractors who carry out workeither directly or indirectlyon or near operational plant and equipment associated with the transmission and distribution of electricity exhibit the required skillsa new registration scheme has been introducedNamed BESC (Basic Electrical Safety Competence)membership of this registration scheme will be required by the end of December 2006 for anyone working on National Grid sites. This will apply to all contractorsirrespective of any other authorisation they may already have.

The scheme is a workplace – based competency assessment and registration process. Standards are set at a basic level and deal with enteringmoving around and exiting work areas. Three separate standards exist and include substationsoverhead line and underground cable working areas.

Following successful workplace assessment against a particular standardcandidates will be registered on the EU skills registration database ( and issued with a Basic Electrical Safety Competence (BESC) cardwhich is valid for three years. Staff holding BESC registration can then enroll directly onto National Grid Competent Persons Training.

Empower Training Services Ltd is an EU Energy & Skills Accredited assessment centre and also offers training programmes which can help contractors hone the skills they need to exhibit in order to gain the BESC card.

Assessments and training can take place anywhere in the UK either at Empowers state of the art training facility at Ratcliffe on SoarNottinghamshire or at the location of your choice.

While a BESC registration is currently only required by National Gridit is envisaged that most distribution network operators will follow suit. 

Empower Training Services Ltd is based in NottinghamUK.


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