Power supplies include short-circuit protection

Paul Boughton

Calex Electronics is announcing the latest additions to its range of highly successful linear power supplies: the new 52000 and 53000 series chassis-mount models.

The 52000 series of regulated power supplies offers single- and dual-output models, with fixed and adjustable outputs. The available output voltages range from 4V dc to 48V dc with output currents of up to 1A. Models with adjustable outputs are short-circuit protected and fixed output units can have the outputs short-circuited for a maximum of three minutes.

The 53000 series consists of dual-output unregulated power supplies with fixed outputs of either ±12V dc or ±25V dc. They have fused output protection and use toroidal transformers to reduce magnetic fields.

All models have rugged terminal blocks for input and output connections, and voltage adjustments are made using easily accessible potentiometers. These supplies can be mounted on either their insulated base or on their side using threaded inserts.

Models in the 52000 series have a 216 to 264V ac input at 47 to 60Hz. The 53000 series units have link selectable 120 or 240V ac inputs, also at 47 to 60Hz.

For more information, visit www.calex.co.uk