CAD operated via a web browser

Paul Boughton

Aftercad Software is launching a public demo site for its new Ajax-based CAD application, Aftercad Insite, a product that lets anyone zoom, pan, change layers and markup a CAD document with nothing more than a web browser.

Aftercad Insite is a server application that easily integrates with Windows or Linux web servers to organise and serve CAD diagrams to anyone with a web browser.

This new technology utilises Ajax programming methods to achieve 100 per cent CAD web user experience without the need for anything at the client end but a browser.

Insite serves up 2D and 3D CAD data in the same way that Google Map data is served to users - without the need for clumsy or buggy Activex and java applications. The user's browser CAD experience comes with Javascript tools for navigation that include zooming, panning, layer control and markup.

Since we introduced Aftercad Insite in Aprilthe response has been overwhelming. Never before have I seen a CAD application strike a resonant chord from such a broad range of CAD users says Chris Boothroyd, CEO of Aftercad. This is the first CAD product to embrace and leverage Ajax and demonstrates our Ajax and CAD mastery."

"We decided to share the Insite magic with everyone and have launched this public demo in as free a fashion as possible so that everyone can go and see what we have donewithout any demo signup hassles or nag screens. In the spirit of Insiteyou click ityou get it."

"Feel free to serve CAD data to anyonefor work ordersmaintenance reportshome floor plans or any consumer targeted CAD planning tool. The user will be able to see ituse itmark it up and send it back. For too long we have expected the CAD consumer to work with awkward and inflexible Activex controls or Java apps just so they could perform some simple functions. Noweveryone has the ability to instantly interact with CAD data and CAD managers know that when CAD data has been posted the deployment is 100 per centwith no end user support. With our Insite Patent filing in hand we offer the world unrestricted access to share their CAD with no strings attached."

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