Advanced debugging for processor

Paul Boughton

Hitex has extended the Tantino JTAG-debug tool to support the PXA270 processor of the Intel XScale family.

The XScale processor core is running up to 624 MHz and includes an integrated cache for data and code.

The high-speed memory interface makes the PXA270 suitable for large wireless and mobile applications. With comprehensive camera and LCD-interfaces and a large variety of peripherals the PXA270 is suited for secure service and multimedia applications.

Above the standard debug facilities for run control, the compact Hitex JTAG-debugger Tantino supports the program trace capabilities of the XScale processor for efficient program flow analysis. Like all other Hitex debug tools the Tantino is controlled by the HiTOP5 debugger and IDE.
The complete Hitex toolchain for ARM supports many microcontrollers with ARM7, ARM9, ARM9E, ARM11 and Intel XScale processor cores.

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