Guard switches tolerate misalignment

Paul Boughton

Maintaining the integrity of safety systems in hostile industrial environments is particularly challenging, especially where components such as safety interlock switches must tolerate mechanical wear as well as environmental threats.

Machine guard doors are just one example of where safety interlocks must provide long-term reliability irrespective of environmental conditions or misalignment due to wear in related components such as hinges and door covers. To meet these challenges, Scientific Technologies (STI) is introducing the MA16 series safety interlock switch.

Combining resilience and reliability, MA16 series switches are designed to provide reliable operation in water wash-down environments - even where guard doors have become misaligned by up to 10mm.

Magnetically actuated, they are available in a large selection of contact configurations to suit a wide variety of applications.

Users can also select from various cable lengths for easy installation. The NEMA 6 (IP67) rated enclosure provides a high degree of environmental protection, making them suitable for water wash-down, dusty or dirty environments.

Furthermore, the MA16 series switches have been designed to provide a minimum of one million operations in such environmentally challenging conditions.

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