Aliasstudio available for personal use

Paul Boughton

Autodesk is releasing the latest version of the Aliasstudio Personal Learning Edition (PLE), a special non-commercial-use version of the industrial design software package.

Previously released versions of the PLE software have been downloaded more than 100,000 times by students and industry professionals eager for access to the latest Aliasstudio software. Autodesk has continued this important product program so that the industrial design community can explore, learn and become productive to realise their ideas with this industrial design software.

Autodesk Aliasstudio software is said to be used by virtually every major automotive company, as well as leading design consultancies and consumer product companies around the world.

With this latest release of PLE, acclaimed industrial designer Gray Holland has contributed tutorials, lessons and a customised interface that demonstrate personal workflow techniques he honed from his years spent in the automotive industry and his design agency, Alchemy Labs. Aliasstudio PLE provides students and industry professionals with the opportunity to explore the main toolsets of Aliasstudio including sketching, surface modelling, interactive visualisation, rendering and animation tools.

With Aliasstudio PLE, users experience a professional customised user interface and tutorial movies that highlight the techniques and tools required to start using Aliasstudio software.

“In 1991, I picked up Aliasstudio while working at General Motors on the EV-1 electric car and it has been my primary tool for developing my ideas from concept to production ever since,” says Gray Holland, principal of the design firm Alchemy Labs. “I partnered with Autodesk to create this special version to help students and working designers leverage my professional and teaching experience by producing a customised version of Aliasstudio's interface design to focus the user on the task at hand. It is the same customised version I teach in my design classes at California College of the Arts and use everyday at Alchemy Labs.”

“Autodesk has a history of commitment to providing the most advanced and creative 2D and 3D software tools possible for the engineering community. With the addition of Aliasstudio to Autodesk's product portfolio we can now offer the best in conceptual design integrated with the best in engineering,” comments Robert 'Buzz' Kross, vice president of Autodesk Manufacturing Solutions.

Aliasstudio Personal Learning Edition builds on Autodesk's tradition of offering outstanding tools by enabling design professionals and students to learn and familiarise themselves with Aliasstudio at their own pace to become more successful in their profession.

Aliasstudio PLE can be downloaded from the company's website. Aliasstudio PLE users are restricted to non-commercial applications through the display of a watermark on images and a special non-commercial file format. The software is subject to additional terms and conditions as provided in the license agreement that accompanies the software.

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