Software simplifies graphic effects

Paul Boughton

Bringing high quality rendering to all their users, Schott Systeme is enhancing its range of 3D rendering tools with 'ease of use' in mind.

In a move to encourage a much wider range of companies and users to produce product graphics, the company's software 'Pictures by PC' greatly simplifies the process of creating visual effects.

For example with only one mouse click, users can set up a complete scene with lighting, camera and shading. A second mouse click positions the 3D product model correctly within the scene, and a third then adds realistic materials.

In fact many of the render effects are created in this quick manner but, most important is the ability to change the 'theme' of the visual. Here Schott Systeme cites the differences between a product sales presentation and a technical illustration.

In short, the same 3D model and scene can be taken and, with the theme changed from sales to technical, the render effect is also changed from a 'real' visually correct image of the actual product, to a 'hand drawn' effect for technical documentation.

With the Pictures by PC software catering for 2D CAD, 3D solid and surface modelling, rendering and animation, and dedicated business graphics, the EUR2800 product provides an excellent 'one stop shop' for nearly all aspects of design and graphics.

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