Solving material data problems

Paul Boughton

Granta Design has announced the latest release of GRANTA MI, a system for managing, analyzing, and applying materials information in engineering enterprises.

GRANTA MI 1.2 solves materials data problems for materials experts, finite element analysts, design engineers, and managers in industries such as aerospace, defense, energy, and nuclear.

Engineers and analysts in these sectors need specialist materials property data to support product design. This design data is generated by materials experts who analyse and apply raw data consolidated from many sources and in a broad range of formats. Quality control, customer, or regulatory needs often demand that such data can be traced back through the design process to its source.

GRANTA MI 1.2 addresses these issues with new capabilities developed in collaboration with customers including the Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC). The MDMC is a group of a dozen leading engineering enterprises that includes NASA, Rolls-Royce, Honeywell, and Alcan. GRANTA MI 1.2 offers:

* Easy access to the new MMPDS-02 data, along with the latest ESDU MMDH. These are the authoritative sources for property information on aerospace alloys. GRANTA MI installs easily on a corporate network, providing quick and easy search and comparison for data from these references.

* Instant tracing of data. Such ‘traceability’ is very time-consuming for the typical engineering enterprise, but GRANTA MI can help! Users can now link any item of property data directly to information about its pedigree – for example, the document from which it was sourced, or the test results from which it was derived.

* Materials experts can store, search for, and view all of their materials data in one system, regardless of format. Examples are spreadsheets of test data and photomicrograph images that contain critical insight into alloys or composites. GRANTA MI now handles any document type including images, PDF and Microsoft Office documents, movies, and audio.

* Interfaces that help users of engineering simulation tools from ANSYS and ABAQUS to find and import the materials data that they need.

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